Wednesday, December 3, 2008

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Blog Clean Out

So, I'm home sick! Ugh! I had an exam tonight, but on my drive home for a break from classes, I started having icky stomach cramps. Needless to say things went downhill from there. So, I'm here on my couch just sipping water for now. Luckily for me, the instructor drops the lowest score so no harm done.

Lately I've noticed how long my blogroll has gotten so I decided to do some tidying up. Over the next couple of weeks, you may notice some additions and some deletions. Or, you might not notice any changes at all. It depends how viscious I decide to be. I did delete a few of my graphic based ones this evening and still have some more to look through.

From there, I'm going to go category by category and move some around, delete some and most likely even add a few. If I can't get this apartment organized, at least I can get this blog organized!



@wesome@bby said...

you musta decided to be pretty brutal, cuz i don't see any of the 2cool girls over there. :(

@wesome@bby said...

ok, never mind, there they are....i dunno why, but i swear they weren't there until i refreshed. weird. so now instead of :( i'll say :)

Michaelle said...

Thanks for leaving me on your blogroll! I will do my best to stay there!

I have to clean mine up every now and then too. I also decided to organize mine into categories, since I read so many different types of blogs. I am getting ready to add a freebies and giveaways section too.

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