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Glitter Ball Ornaments Instructions

Since Corinna asked...I'm gonna tell!


  • Clear Glass Ornament
  • Dye Re-inker (Stampin' Up! ink used for these - I do not know how other types of ink will work with this as I've only used SU Classic re-inkers)
  • Paper Towel
  • Fine Glitter (I use SU! Dazzling Diamonds Glitter for these or Martha Stewart super fine glitter -- the Dazzling Diamonds works better bc it's super sparkly but I couldn't find mine.)
  • Small Powder Pal OR scrap paper shaped into a funnel
  • Small container (I used dixie cups, but if I'd had any I would have used an empty plastic film container)

Glass Ball Ornaments


Remove the top and hanger of the ornament (be careful as you're doing it as sometimes the glass is very thin and the hanger pops open as it's pulled out)


Drip 18-20 drops of your ink into the ornament.

Slightly Better Of Dye Puddle


Gently swirl the ink around until the ornament is fully covered. Once you get towards the top of the ornament, make sure that you cover the hole with paper towel, otherwise you'll have ink everywhere!

**DON'T shake the ornament w/ the ink - this creates a lot of bubbles and makes it look splotchy.**

Step 4:

Place ornament upside down over the small container to drain any excess ink.

Upclose of draining ball

Step 5:

Place the ornament onto paper towel and rotate it a bit to drain more of the ink (it tends to pool slightly at the opening and on the lip and if you don't drain the excess ink it will run and create streaks when you add the glitter).

Step 6:

Pour about 1 1/2 teaspoons of glitter into the ornament.

Step 7:

Place paper towel over opening and SHAKE the ornament until the glitter has fully covered the inside.

**If you can no longer hear any glitter hitting the inside and you don't think that it's covered enough, add more glitter and keep shaking.**

Step 8:

Turn your ornament over onto your Powder Pal (or scrap paper) and *gently* tap it to remove the excess glitter. When using darker ink colors the glitter will get dyed using it this way - you can save it to use w/ more ornaments of the same color - or you can store it in an empty film container/ziplock bag etc to use in other projects.

Note: these ornament use a LOT of glitter - I used an entire (small)container of Martha Stewart Crystal Fine glitter and had to break into a container of Martha Stewart Carrara marble glitter just to do 6 ornaments. So make sure you have plenty on hand for the amount of ornaments you're doing!

Glass Ornaments

Step 9:

Gently put the topper and hanger back on to the ornament (I found the hanger sometimes scraped a little of the glitter off the inside but it's not noticeable). That's all there is to it. :)

Note: If you want to dye the ornaments without adding the glitter, just stop at Step 5. I will warn you though that without the glitter, these do take 2-3 days to dry fully.


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