Sunday, December 7, 2008

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Super Sunday Challenge - Week 3

My cards went out in today's mail! How did all of you do? Did you get those cards or holiday letters done? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Now, on to this week's challenge...and I'm gonna make it a double challenge week!

Part 1 - Kitchen Clean Up! I can almost hear the groans already. Sorry folks! This is a challenge that I need and if I need it, chances are someone else does too!

I live in a 300 square foot (yes, I know how small that is!) apartment and my kitchen becomes the catch all room because it's the first room you step into. This makes it darned near impossible to cook or anything else. So, the challenge is to get it totally cleaned up and "organized." That means wiping down those countertops, hauling out any extra trash and wiping down any other surfaces there may be.

Part 2 - Ok, this one is a bit more "fun", I promise. Now that your Christmas cards are all out in the mail, we're going to move on to presents. How many of you are done shopping already? I am. I did all of mine on Black Friday and I only have the homemade gifts still to go. So, what's the challenge? Start wrapping! Start with the stacks you've already bought and once those are done, wrap them as soon as you bring them in. I want for all of you to be able to relax once we get closer to Christmas.

There you go guys! Have a great week. I have one more final exam on Wednesday night and then I'm done with school so be prepared for more posts!



Jim said...
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Jim said...

Color me failed on last week's challenge. Looks like I have a three-fer this week. Wish me luck!

Jim said...

OK, so I finally picked up Christmas cards and started with work ... I went through everyone in my mind I am close enough with at work to give them a card. Looks like I need more cards. I guess we never really realize how many friends we have until we start making a list and checking it twice, as it were.... even though I am a week late in doing that challenge, thanks for posting it. It makes me realize how very lucky I really am.

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