Friday, April 10, 2020

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Book Review: Desdemona and the Deep

In Desdemona and the Deep, the spoiled daughter of a rich mining family must retrieve the tithe of men her father promised to the world below. On the surface, her world is rife with industrial pollution that ruins the health of poor factory workers while the idle rich indulge themselves in unheard-of luxury. Below are goblins, mysterious kingdoms, and an entirely different hierarchy.

I need to start out this review by thanking my friend, Russell, for sending me this book in a care package a few months ago. He thought I'd like it and he was, let me tell you why.

The Good:
Desdemona herself. I love a good bad girl...and Desdemona starts out as the type of character you love to hate. She's rich. She's clueless. She's a prissy, spoiled heiress. Then, somehow, over the course of the book, you come to love her. She changes and maybe changes you a little bit in the process.

Then, there's the world building...not just one world, but three. It's a lot to ask of an author, but each one was its own reality and completely believable.

The Bad:
It felt a bit rushed. I understand that this is a novella, but I wanted just a little bit more to it.

The Summary:
If you're looking for a really good read that won't take you long, will pull you in and maybe even leave you a little bit breathless, then I recommend this book. I just found out that the author has at least two other books set in this world and I'm going to go wishlist them right now.

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