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Book Review: Aoleon The Martian Girl-Part 4: Illegal Aliens

Aoléon and Gilbert have become the Luminon’s top priority in stopping the Martian resistance movement, and after being chased by the Royal Paladin Guard, they are forced to flee the Martian Megalopolis. Aoléon, Gilbert and Zoot escape with the help of Bizwat and his newly found friend, Helios, a first generation soldierbot.

After their saucer is destroyed, they crash land somewhere in the deep Martian desert, and they set out to locate Kyrios and the secret base where Aoléon’s parents are being held captive.

After battling the forces of nature, starvation, a Klyklon dust storm, (and not to mention a giant slor that almost swallows them alive), they finally make it to their destination. However, after Kyrios gives Gilbert some basic training to develop his budding psionic power, they learn that their journey is far from over.

Will Aoléon, Glbert, Bizwat, Helios, and Zoot be able to rescue Aoléon’s parents and stop the Martian invasion of Earth in time?

Read part 4 to find out!

Join Aoleon and Gilbert in this exciting middle school sci-fi adventure!

I cannot believe that this series is almost over! With his amazing graphics and action packed storytelling, Brent has kept me captivated for this entire series. His imagination pulls you in and before you know it, another segment of the story is done and you're eagerly awaiting the next one. Sadly, for this series, the next one will be the final one. Fingers crossed that he doesn't stop writing though! I want to learn about new worlds, new creatures and chuckle some more at the funny acronyms that he comes up with. Honestly, with his amazing grasp on how to write dialogue and ways to share his technical knowledge without boring the reader, I think children and adults could and will enjoy his stories for years to come.

I received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are my own.
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