Tuesday, January 20, 2015

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Book Review: The Wizards of Seattle

Jason wonders if his luck has finally turned around when he discovers he will inherit a luxurious home infused with ancient magic and a sizable fortune from a relative he’d never known existed. Of course, there’s a catch. His younger brother and his cousin will inherit equal parts of the inheritance and it is stipulated in the will that they must live together first before they gain possession of the estate. All three of them are potential White Knights with the rare ability to practice advanced white magic. They must learn to use their new power and defend themselves from a secret organization that is armed with potent, black magic. This novella is the first installment of the Wizards of Seattle series.

Jason has recently discovered his new category six wizardry was a result of a genetic experiment performed by a secret organization called the Ebullio. Now that he has broken free of their mind control enchantment, suppressed memories float to the surface and he remembers the terrifying abductions and genomic therapy that he and his younger brother, Benjamin, endured. Meanwhile, the Valituras have set their sights on Jason, unleashing powerful curses designed to kill him and his family. As Jason learns more about the Ebullio and the Valituras, he realizes that danger lurks behind every corner and the enemy could be hiding in plain sight. This novella is the second installment of the Wizards of Seattle series.

I'm back with another series by John O'Riley! If you recall, I really enjoyed his storylines in the past and these two novellas weren't any different. Secret societies, wizardry, mysterious inheritances...it all adds up to a quickly moving story that leaves you wanting to know what happens next. Like his other works, the author fills these novellas with tons of detailed information so it's not difficult at all to see the entire story unfolding in your head. Where it has bothered me in the past, in these, it seems to work. I do have one major complaint though and it's the fact that there is a major story issue in the first novella where the book contradicts itself. I can't describe it further without spoilers and honestly, some readers may just overlook it entirely. For me though, it stumped me and had me reading back and forth to make sure that I'd understood the story correctly. Also, I'm going on the assumption that I didn't receive the final edited stories, so it's entirely possible that this and the grammar/typos were fixed before publication. All in all, another enjoyable read that lovers of fantasy should enjoy.


I received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts, comments, and opinions are my own.
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