Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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Book Review: Eclair Meets a Gypsy

Eccentric Grandma Stella is taking in boarders. Not the kind that talk, but the kind that neigh. Horses. When seven-year-old Éclair meets the first boarder and its owner, a girl Éclair’s age who’s dressed like a gypsy, the girl says her horse can read minds and will cast a spell on Éclair. Does the horse really have magic? If so, maybe the horse could make Éclair’s secret wish come true.

Oh how I wish I had little girls! They would have every one of these books on their shelves for us to read together at night. This delightful story was easy to read and I can't imagine any little girl not loving it. I'm far from a little girl and the story delighted me. Grandma Stella is fun, Eclair is a typical 7 year old and every page had me smiling or laughing. I admit that I'd love to know Gypsy's secret...it wasn't quite revealed in this book.


I received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts, comments, and opinions are my own.

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