Monday, September 22, 2014

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Book Review: Plagues of Eden

THE WHEEL SPINS. CHAOS IS UNLEASHED. 72 HOURS AND COUNTING UNTIL THE DEATH OF THE FIRSTBORN… The race is on to stop a madman bent on unleashing the ancient plagues of Egypt against the modern world. The countdown has begun. Only Army Chaplain Jaime Richards, along with rock star Mark Shepard, can stop the catastrophe and save the mysterious Sword 23 from the clutches of a psychopath... if they can find the true mastermind in time.
This is one of those books that I like it, but....

This really is a good book. It's fast paced, it's hard to put down *but* it's the fourth book in a series and when I agreed to review it, that wasn't indicated. So, instead of knowing the characters, knowing the backstory, there were times when I felt lost. I kept thinking, this has to be a book two, no author would just dump you into a story like this. So, my recommendation is to pick up the first three books and *then* buy this one. It will be well worth it, trust me!


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