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Book Review: Making Marion

She had been looking for somewhere to stay, but instead Marion Miller finds herself on the wrong side of the reception desk at the Peace and Pigs campground and, despite her horrible shyness, promptly lands herself a job.

Marion came to Nottinghamshire--home of Sherwood Forest--to discover her father's mysterious past, but all she has to go on is a picture of her father dressed up, it would seem, as Robin Hood.

Life on a busy campground challenges Marion's formerly controlled life--the pigs roam free, the resident chickens seem determined to thwart her, and an unfortunate incident with a runaway bike throws her into the arms of the beautiful, but deeply unimpressed, Reuben.

Yet, Marion's would-be boyfriend Jake, and Reuben's stunning fiancée Erica, conspire to leave little room for Marion to daydream about the twinkling eyes of her rescuer . . . Will Marion ever find peace, and perhaps even love, among the pigs?

Including a large cast of memorable, colorful characters, Making Marion is an outstanding debut romantic comedy that touches on issues of identity and family with a natural ease.

When I first got this book, I honestly looked at the cover and thought that this was going to be one cheesey book. I didn't expect to laugh, to cry and to fall in love with the story. Watching Marion grow into the woman that she was meant to be gave me hope. I honestly can't say enough good about this book and if I keep typing, I just know that I'm going to give something away so I'm going to just say go...go and buy this it and read it and love it and then come back here and tell me just how much you did...


I received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are my own.
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