Tuesday, January 7, 2014

# A December Bride # book review

Book Review: December Bride

What started as a whim turned into an accidental---and very public---engagement. Can Layla and Seth keep up the façade in Chapel Springs this holiday season---for the sake of her career . . . and his heart?
Under normal circumstances, Seth Murphy - the best friend of Layla O’Reilly’s ex-fiancé - would be the last person she’d marry. But the news of their upcoming (and phony) nuptials convinces a big client that Layla may be high-society enough to work for his agency - a coup that would put her fledgling home-staging business on the map. Seth has secretly loved Layla for years, even when she was dating his best friend. Maybe she’ll never forgive him for the way he hurt her back then, but he has to try. And Layla is willing to keep up their engagement farce until she’s landed her client.
For Layla, it's the chance to save her career. But for Seth, it's his last chance to win her heart.

Do you ever just want to read a book that makes you sigh, smile, laugh or even shed a tear or two but that won't draw you in so far that you're devastated when it's done? Then, this is the perfect book for you. I had just finished a tough read and my internet went out so I couldn't write about it. It was cold (the arctic vortex has us firmly in its grip) and when it's like that, I just want a comfort item. That's when I remembered this ebook sitting in my pile. Before I knew it, I had zipped through the entire thing and loved every single bit of it. It's a light, easy read with well rounded characters that you'll grow to love. I'm looking forward to tracking down the other books in this series to check them out, as well!


I received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are 100% mine.
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