Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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Comic Book Review: Mark of the Pterren

I usually start out my reviews with the publisher's description of the book. However, I'll be honest and tell you that I had to turn to my good friend Google to find much of anything for this book. Sadly, I didn't find a synopsis so you're stuck with me telling you about the book in my very own words. Don't worry, I promise it shouldn't be too painful...fingers crossed...

The Good : This story intrigues me. Why, you ask? The lovely lady on the cover over there is the narrator and through out this first issue, she fills you in on the history of her race, the Pterren. She tells of how the current king came to power and hints that..no she states that she intends to go up against him.

The Bad : As with anything, there is a down side to this book. In this case, it's a two part issue. The first issue lends itself to the second issue. The lines on the artwork are especially thick and when you combine that with the fuzzing of those same lines..well, it took away from what might have been rather nice artwork. My other problem with the art work came in the faces. There seemed to be a lack of detail and definition in some of them.

The Summary : All in all, this is a good book. The history leads me to want to know the present and then the future. With any luck, future issues will have a better printer and we'll be able to find out what happens when our heroine confronts her king.

For more information on it, check out their Facebook page. For information on how you can purchase a copy for yourself, either leave them a message or drop the letterer, Andy Bohn a message. His was the only fan page that I could find.


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