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Comic Book Review : Fatima #1

Comics luminary Gilbert Hernandez envisions his strangest, most thrilling future yet! A drug called “spin” offers the wildest trip imaginable, followed by its users’ inevitable, rapid deterioration into undead flesh eaters. Despite the side effect, the drug is so popular that the human population is dying out! With no cure to be found, the beautiful, lovesick Fatima may be the only thing standing between the survivors and the apocalypse. Get ready for four issues of zombies, drug lords, and gorgeous women!

The Good
                My 1st thought was a more sarcastic “yay, more zombies” theme. However, I ended up really enjoying the premise to this breed of zombies.  This world is filled with terrible things that people can be addicted to, so, to me, the plot is a natural progression. What if people did this to themselves because they thought their addiction was worth it. The story has a great line “they will do what they are going to do.” I just found that to be so poignant.

 The Bad
                This style of art is so not my style.  I enjoy comic art with some type of detail within the work. This comic has none of that. I just find this style way too undeveloped, like what you would see in a story board of a still developing animation. 
                The uniforms of the task force.  They were not seen very much but when they show up, it is so noticeable. They wear the stereotypical black task force outfit but, so some reason, they  appear to be wearing cotton thongs over their clothing. I just found it distracting to the art I wasn’t already a fan of.

The Summary
                As much as I did not enjoy the art, I oppositely enjoyed the premise. The story works in 2 ways- a quick “ooo zombie, kill it” story and a “huh, never thought of it that way before” story.  There is still some character development that needs to occur but, overall, the story was enough to make me care to wonder what happens next.  If you enjoy zombies, this goes right with the genre. Or, if you enjoy thinking about the human psyche while reading comics, this could spark a thought or two. 

For more information regarding this book, check out the Dark Horse website, their Facebook page or your local comic book shop!

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