Saturday, May 19, 2012

Whitney Farms

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109103_1.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages) Ahh summer...It's nearly here and like other years, I tell myself that this will be the year that I get up off my bum and plant a summer vegetable garden for us. Also, like other years, this won't be that year. Life has just thrown too much at me and so I didn't get one planned or planted. I envy folks like my friend Jim or my friend Shawn who just get out there and do it. No excuses. Maybe that will be me next year..hehe.

One thing that is important to me though is making sure that the veggies we do eat are as healthy as they can be. This means a lack of chemicals. This is where something like Whitney Farms® organic soil and organic plant food comes in. If you're not familiar with Whitney Farms®, let me give you a bit of information. They have 25+ years of experience in the gardening industry. Their products are low to no dust and are easy to apply. Let's face it. Today we're all looking for ease of use to be a factor in anything we buy.

While I may not be putting in that garden this year, I'm already daydreaming about next year and the types of things I'm going to need to be using. I know that I'm going to have to boost the soil and for that reason, I'm going to be looking into Whitney Farms. After all, healthy food needs a healthy hand. 

Who knows..maybe next year, I'll have something like this...

You just never know! If I do, maybe it will be with the help of:

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If you'd like more informaiton, be sure to head over to the Whitney Farms® website and check out their products and the $3 coupon! 


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