Sunday, May 20, 2012

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Press Release & Contest Announcement: Elvatron Chronicles

Ok, all my fellow Phoenix Comicon attendees, you're going to want to pay attention. I just got word from Andy Bohn about a very fun and exciting Twitter giveaway that he's going to be doing during the show. The best part? It's about as easy as scoring an awesome comic book to enter. Here are the details as I got them from him:

Brieanna Brock (author's note: Isn't she gorgeous? That's her on the left there.) will be dressed up as Animus, a female hero that controls the Power Orb of Light. She will be dressed throughout the day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Contest rules are simple: Each day you can take a picture of you standing with her as Animus and upload it to Twitter, being sure to tag @elvatron as well as including the hash tag #ElvatronChronicles. Each day, he will draw a name from the days' picture posts. The winner will receive a signed copy of an Animus print (Brieanna Brock) as well as the signed standard issues of Elvatron Chronicles #0, #1 and the newly released #2. Andy, himself, will be drawing the winners at 5pm on Friday and Saturday and again at 4pm on Sunday. You must be present to win so make sure you stop by the table at the end of each day to see if the lucky winner is you!

Not sure where to find Andy and all his Elvatron goodness? Check out his event listing over on Facebook. Who knows, you might even find me loitering around his table. He's good people and those are the best to stand and talk to while you rest your tired con feet. Trust me on this one, folks. ;)


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