Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Evie for iPhone

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Do you have an iPhone? I don't. I admit it. I don't have one and sometimes I lust after other people's technology. If I did have one, I would love to have an app like Evie. We all know that hands free is the way to go these days when you're driving. After all, we've all seen the horrible videos of the guy smashing into the underpass because he's busy texting, right? Scary stuff. With something like Evie, that wouldn't have been a problem. With Evie, you can:

  • Say the number or name of anyone in your contact list to call them. 
  • Play music by saying just the name of the artist or song.
  • Find a business or point of interest by asking for it and then it can call that location or give you directions!

How spiffy is all of that? Oh, did I mention that it can even read you your Facebook feeds? C'mon, you know you can't go a whole day without being on Facebook, right? *grins*  

This would be great for those times when I have to go into Lansing or Grand Rapids and then realize I left my directions at home. If Evie couldn't find the location (mostly because I don't always know exactly what I'm trying to find), I could use it to call someone who did know where I was supposed to be going and they could give me the directions! Or how about the times when I get to travel to far off locations? Ok, that never happens but it might for some of you! I know a certain someone who gets to head off to NYC soon. Lucky devil! Maybe he could use this to find FAO Schwartz to bring me back a present..hehe

Seriously though, it does sound pretty awesome and I know I'd check out this link for more information if only I had an iPhone. Since I don't though, I'm going to encourage all of you who do to check it out and let me know just how awesome it is!

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