Monday, February 7, 2011

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Book Review: The Dragon and the Turtle Go On Safari

Oh my gosh, I have to tell you all about this book. It has to be one of the cutest kids books I have read in ages! It just arrived in the mail today and after seeing the cover, I couldn't wait for the boys to be here. I just curled up on the couch and read it. I swear it was just like listening in on a conversation with my two boys when they were just a little bit younger. There were times, when I was reading this, that I burst out laughing because I could have sworn I'd heard this conversation coming from their bedroom.

Not only that, but the illustrations fit the story so well that it's almost like watching a movie. You just keep flipping the pages and before you know it, the story is done and you're hoping they make a sequel!

In this book, Roger (the turtle) and Padraig (the dragon) decide to go on Safari. If they can stay out all night long, in the morning, they'll get to see all of the exciting animals. Through the night, they hear a giraffe, a rhino and save a baby leopard...or do they? I'm going to let you read the story and find out what happens on their adventure.

Seriously though, if you have kids this is one of those books you're going to want on your bookshelves. Plus, with a turtle named Roger (my youngest son's name) and a dragon named Padraig, you can't go wrong.


I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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