Wednesday, March 3, 2010

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(almost) Wordless Wednesday

Ahh...midweek. Isn't it amazing how fast time seems to fly by these days? Isn't it amazing how cats will find the one thing you want them to stay out of and get into it? Ok, I'm mostly just talking about my cats right now and actually they're not being bad. I have a huge stack of boxes in the kitchen and they keep knocking it over. I can't take it out to the barn until the snow melts because the door slides open and the ground is swollen with the cold and it's nearly impossible to get that door open. So, I stack them, the cats knock them over and I stack them again. It will be an ongoing cycle until the big thaw happens here.

So, did everyone have a good Tuesday? I had a pretty good one after I nearly killed myself with that trash can. It was frozen to the ground! Then, I had to haul it through a foot of snow. No, Jim, I did not shovel it. There was nowhere to shovel it to. Ahh well, it's done now and my trash can is now happily empty waiting for me to refill it.

I also found my Wreck This Journal (warning, the site kinda sucks but the book itself is great!) yesterday and spent some time going through and numbering all the pages. I had started this last Spring with some chipboard numbers. Well, some of them had fallen out so I fixed that problem. Then, I used some buttons to replace some missing 0's and 8's. Then, I dug out all my number stickers and got to work on the remaining pages. Did I mention that you end up numbering something like 185 pages? Do you know how many 1's that is? Well, I ran out. Not a big surprise, huh? So then, I vastly amused Justin by cutting 1's out of the packaging the stickers were in. I discovered that most barcodes have them in them, which was handy. It was fun and mindless...too mindless. Just as I was down to the last 20 or so pages, I discovered I had missed 2 pages back between 92 and 93. Ugh! Those of you who know me know just how much that messes with my ocdness. I ended up going back and numbering them 92b and!

Now, I ought to get on with today, huh? Today's post is a two picture post. The theme over at Sunday Shutterbugs is Earth. That's such a great one for E. Of course, both girls have incredible photos. I'm so envious of their photos every week! I actually took both of these shots today, so here we go:

Muddy Earth

This is the neighbor's driveway. Instead of shoveling or anything, they just power their way out with their truck and these muddy ruts are the results. Every time I see it, I think about how so many people abuse the Earth instead of nurturing it and the more they abuse it, the more it's going to bite back. For example, the more they abuse this driveway, the harder it's going to be for them to just power their way out of it.

Snow Tree
If you turn around, this is the view on the edge of my driveway. We have a big old walnut (I think) tree sitting just at the edge of our driveway. The snow surrounding it is partially what was there and partially what I had to shovel out of my driveway. Our entire street is tree lined with different types of trees and I'm going to make it my goal this spring/summer to take care of this one. I really do believe that if we take care of the Earth, it will take care of us. I'm going to start with my little corner here, even if it's just on loan until I can find the money to buy it.



MollyinMinn said...

I love your take on things and your views. Well put!

Jim said...

Well, good luck getting stuff out of the house. Isn't it like a cat to knock over your neatly stacked boxes? Well, your cats anyways. Mine are perfect angels .... yeah right. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the cat story. It must just be that your cats are terribly behaved because mine are perfect angels just like Jim's :)

I like your muddy photo! Thanks for playing along with us again this week Katie!


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