Monday, November 23, 2009

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Menu Plan Monday

Well, it's Monday and actually, I've had my menu planned since Thursday. I had to go grocery shopping on Friday so I decided to go ahead and menu plan for the next two weeks. I only picked out meals, so I still need to "assign" them to days so that's what I'm going to do here. These are all from the Weight Watchers 15 minutes cookbook that I mentioned last week.

Monday-Turkey Barbecue Sandwiches (pg 157)
Tuesday- Taco Chicken Pockets (personal recipe)
Wednesday- Simple Quesadillas (pg 66)
Thursday- Thanksgiving @ Grandma's house (Corunna, MI)
Friday- Ground Beef Stroganoff (pg 86)
Saturday- Chicken Cacciatore (pg ??)
Sunday- Horseradish Burgers (pg 150)


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AlphaSpace said...

mmm Quesadillas. I made them for some friends at work and they loved them. Although i do need to work out the recipe for the dip in Applebees.

Enjoy thanksgiving :) I am having Thanksgiving dinner with Chris and Sheri on Saturday so that will be fun.

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