Friday, November 13, 2009

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Finish It Friday

Oh how I would love to say that today I'm going to finish being sick! Sadly, I know that's not the case but being sick hasn't been all bad. I've taken the opportunity to work on things towards Christmas, work on cleaning out my email (never ending project there!) and to make a solid decision to work towards losing some weight. I've said for a long time that I was going to do it but this time I'm really looking into what I need to do and working towards doing it.

So, the question remains...what am I finishing this week? Well, I'm going to finish up telling y'all about part of my trip to Canada. We'll consider this hmm...Part II of III? Ready? Are you? C'mon..are you? *grins*

Like I said before, we drove to Canada on Friday after the boys Halloween parties at their school. We didn't get there until probably 10:30 on Friday night but our wonderful friends Rob & nickle were up and waiting for us. In fact, nickle was busy working on Rob's costume for the party we were all going to the next night. We had a great time sitting around and talking and munching pizza and talking and sitting around and ...ok, you get the point. I think it was something like 3am before we crawled into bed. Then, we were all up by 7 the next morning!

Why? Well, because Rob was part of the board of the group that was putting on the Artisan Faire and we all went to help setup and get everything ready. I know that we could have slept in, but we totally didn't mind helping out. We love getting the extra time with our friends and I think I'm just a helper by nature.

I just have to say right now that the Artisan Faire was incredible! Every table had something new that I was going ooooh and ahhh over. I had three that were particularly yay, but I'm only going to tell you about one of them here. The other two I'm hoping to do reviews for later and need to speak to the shop owners about it. I promise that I'll get on that as soon as I can. Now...the one I want to tell you about...if you're on a diet, you might not want to read anymore.

This table was right next to Rob's and so I got to sit and stare and drool over her things for way too long. What is it? Do you really want to know? It was DEE-Lectibles! She had the most delicious looking cookies and brownies. Oh how I lusted after those brownies. She even had these cookies, that tasted kind of like ginger snaps, but looked like rulers! I'd love to see about getting enough of those to hand out at the kids' end of the school year parties. Now, I do have to mention that not only were here things totally delicious looking and tasting, her prices were wonderful too!

Ok, I know that I sound as if I'm gushing but seriously, if you'd tasted her things you'd totally agree with me. I know that some of you live in Canada and maybe even in the part that's over there by Toronto and St. Catherines. Dee doesn't have a website yet, but she agreed to let me give you all her email address, so please do contact her if you're in the market for deliciousness. And just to tempt y'all, I'm putting up these pictures so you can go mmm, awww and wow! Did I mention that if I ever get married again, I'm going to beg her to make the cake? I wonder how much it costs to import a wedding cake...

Ok, now that you are totally drooling and in awe, drop Dee an email at Trust me, you won't regret working with her and you will love, love, love her things.


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