Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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Tackle It Tuesday

And now I'm here again and it's Tuesday again and I'm pondering what I should tackle today. There's always so much to get done around here and with it being just me, I swear I feel like none of it ever does. Well, I've decided to continue tackling "the wall." For those who don't remember, the wall is actually the front room on the house. It was dubbed the wall by my children when the boxes were stacked up so high, you couldn't even see into the room, let alone walk into it. It's really going to be our office/craft room, but there are tons of boxes still in there. So, my goal for today is to unpack 2 boxes. Note that I do not say that I'm going to put the contents away. The reason for that is there are so many boxes, I can't even get to most of the places where things go. So, I've decided to start unpacking the boxes, moving anything in them that doesn't belong in there to the proper rooms and then I'll start getting it organized. Sometimes it's easier to organize when you can actually see everything you own, anyway.

So, that's my goal...to tackle 2 boxes in that room. What are all of you tackling today?


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