Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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(almost) Wordless Wednesday good to me...Ok, those aren't the real lyrics, but even though I feel down right crummy (fallout from Monday's events) I am in good spirits. I just wish my to do list would do itself! Why don't they ever do themselves?

Well, I'm going to make sure to finish this post so that then I can move on to the next parts of my far too long list. So, over on Sunday Shutterbugs, the theme is Red. Now, I know that there isn't much red in this picture, but there's a story and stories are good, right?

Isabella basket kitty
So, this is Isabella. I posted pictures of her when she was just a tiny thing but as you can see, she's growing up fast. This is a basket I had emptied and she insisted on sleeping in it every chance she got. Right up until I filled it with other things and put it away, that is. So, this morning, I was in the bathroom and using Nair on my legs. Honestly, I had gotten tired of shaving and wanted to try something that would last a bit longer. Well, of course, I forgot to take a watch or clock into the bathroom with me, so I opened the bathroom door to see the one on the laptop. No big deal, right? Wrong. The girls, as usual, rushed into the bathroom the second I opened the door and little Miss Isabella rubbed right against my leg. The leg that had Nair gooped all over it. Now, I didn't want a bald cat, so I grabbed a washcloth and tried to wipe as much off as I could. I thought I'd gotten all of it until a couple minutes later when she walked past me again and I saw another streak of it. Now, would she come to me when I called her? Or even sit still while I'm trying to grab her? Of course not. Now, try not to laugh too hard as you imagine me...with Nair covered legs, chasing this kitten around the living room while trying not to get the Nair on either of the other 2 cats who were enjoying the chase or on the furniture.. In the end, I did manage to catch the rascal and rinse/comb the rest of the Nair out and other than her hair being slightly thinner in a couple of areas, she doesn't seem to be traumatized or any the worse for war. Mom's nerves however....

So, that's my really not even close to Wordless Wednesday. Do you have any photos to share this week? Are you planning on hopping over to Sunday Shutterbugs to post a link? Let me know here! I want to see too!


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