Monday, February 9, 2009

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Super Sunday Challenge

I'm not late! Ok, yes I am, but it's because I've been deliberating forever about which one to do today. Have no fear, with some assistance, I have made my decision!

But first, how did all of you do on your cookbooks? Did you sort them? Did you just smile at them? C'mon, let me know! As for me, I got them all packed up in 2 boxes and shifted into the laundry room (where I'm storing them til the move). I left out about 8 cookbooks to use over the next few months. Oh my gosh, can you believe it's only 88 days untli graduation and that means like 90 until the move!?! Wow!

Ok, so for this coming week, I'm going into the living room. All of you..well it could be your living room, kids rooms, family rooms..or heck, just anywhere in your homes! What are we tackling? Kids toys. Even though my boys are only here for about 4 months of the year, they leave tons of stuff here when they go back to their dad's house. So, this week's challenge is to go through some of those toys (or all if there's's a hectic week for me at school) and get them packed up and possibly even getting rid of a few of them. For all of you, I challenge you to go through your kids toys (or if you don't have kids, your own toys!) and sort out those that are broken or just not played with. Again, you could freecycle them or donate them to a local women's/children's shelter or a local charity store.

As always, let me know..are you participating? how are you doing on these? are you tired of me posting them yet?


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Jim said...

I can so groove on the kid's toys thing ... rmember me pulling random toys out from under your couch?

No Kids here, so no kids toys. Also, I don't really have any toys of my own (unless you count computers, and you can't really pack them), but I'll tel you what I do have ... cats! One in particular who likes to run off with stuff (he tried to steal the pencil out of my hand the other day) and play with it. The other day, I saw him tip over a wastepaper basket, pick up a AA battery that was in it, carry the battery out into the hall and start batting it around. So I will use this challenge to move furniture away from the wall a bit and pick up all the cat "toys" that have accumulated there. Great idea!

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