Friday, October 31, 2008

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Productive Day

Ok, now that the aspartame is out of my system (found out that it aggravates and worsens my depression), I actually had a really productive academic day. I got up this morning and :
Posted my discussion question for Self & Self-Esteem
Posted 2 backdated (missed) questions for Self & Self-Esteem
Checked my test score for Self & Self-Esteem (29/30..yay, me!)
Downloaded slides for Close Relationships
Downloaded slides for Biopsychology
Downloaded study guide for Biopsychology's 3rd test (coming next week)
Completed 3 extra credit quizes for Close Relationships
Watched White Christmas and wrote up page 1 of my Close Relationships portfolio
Watched the section of Center Stage needed and wrote up page 2 of my Close Relationships porfolio
Decided on my topic for my Music and Society paper
Looked over my paper assignment and confirmed I had the needed article.

Not bad for one day. I also managed to clean my shower and took a shower. I also went outside 3 times looking for my darn cat that snuck out. Thank goodness I found him. Good day over all as far as getting stuff done. Tomorrow I have 2 classes and then back here..and I have to try not to get too down about missing the boy's Halloween activities. Man, I miss my babies.


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Jim said...

You go girl! That is the most productive day I have seen from anyone in recent days. Glad you had such a great day getting stuff done!

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