Sunday, October 26, 2008

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Consideration - Short Rant

I really cannot wait until I'm no longer living here. The fact that my so called friend made up a story about CPS coming to see me was bad enough. This morning, I'm woken up by the sounds of banging and drilling. Turns out that the same guy who in well over a year couldn't fix a doorknob for me or repair the hole he put in my wall has decided to replace both doors on his place. So commences the sounds of demolition right outside my wall and my front door. As if that's not bad enough, they're also tearing out the carpet in their stairwell (we'll see if they do coming down to my door)so the air is full of dust and all sorts of crap. The very stuff that has me sneezing every two seconds. < insert sarcasm >Thanks guys for being good friends, good neighbors and good landlords by letting me know this would be going on today. < /end sarcasm >

I mean seriously..if you're going to disturb everyone, you ought to at least show some consideration and let them know it's going to be happening. Did I mention the doorknob that is still broken?



Jim said...

Being a building manager, I make sure that I don't do noisy work on Sunday (except mowing in the summer, and even that I do between 3&5 pm).
Inconsiderate landlords start out as inconsiderate people. Me, I am just hoping that you make it through the next several months with your sanity intact.

@wesome@bby said...

So, I can't seem to find your email address at work. send me one, the email there is screwy to say the best. lol. i haven't forgotten you and in fact have thought of tx you several times, but didn't want to wake you as it's usually 5:00 a.m. prob the same time or 6:00 there, right? Craziness. "Talk" to you soon.......

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