Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dollar Store Finds

I went into Dollar General today looking for a pitcher to make lemonade in and look at the goodies I found!

Fairy Wall Art
These were too cute to pass up!

Pretty Papers & Vellum Stickers
Pretty papers and vellum stickers.

Dollar Store Find!
Look at these fantastic glasses! I'm so going back on payday to get a full set. Oh, and they had the cuuuuutest Peanuts dish sets with glasses. I'm going to get a set for the boys when I go back.


Jim said...

Great finds! Especially the Coke glasses. There is a dollar store here with a 12 foot by five foot pegboard full of craft stuff. I love dollar stores.

Joanna said...

Your entered! I love the wall fairy art!

Those would be so cute in my daughters room.

I have banned the Dollar Stores since a couple of Christmases ago but I may have to go seeing as they got some great things!

Forgetfulone said...

Great! Are you going to use these for scrapping servant's latest challenge?

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love these finds! And I love your layout for your blog too - it's very cheerful! You posted a comment asking me how I got 3 collumns on my blog and I have a tiny confession - I don't know! I just hunted for a pre-made layout that already had 3 collumns formatted on it. The truth is, I'm a total blog-tard when it comes to doing cool stuff with the code and personalizing my blog. So I'm sorry I can't help! But I actually really like your blog exactly like it is.

-Lauren @ Supermom Central

PS - Thanks for visiting Supermom Central! We're having a great giveaway tomorrow so stop by if you get a chance - maybe you'll win!

Anonymous said...

VERY cute papers and vellum stickers, I don't think I would have even passed those up and I don't usually shop for scrap stuff unless it's a specific need.

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