Tuesday, May 27, 2008

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Tackle It Tuesday - The Van

I have declared this summer to be my summer of organization. As part of that, I've decided to start participating in Tackle it Tuesday, hosted by 5minutesformom.com. So here, we go..my first Tackle It Tuesday Project!

Middle Seats Before
Front Seat Before

Yes, I decided that I was going to tackle the disaster that had become my van. This van is a sure indication of how bad my depression had gotten this past year. In the past, it never would have gotten this bad. I decided that I would ask the boys if they wanted to join me outside while I worked on this. Ben decided not to, but Roger was right there and wanted to help!

More Mount Stuffore
See how he had to climb up on stuff just to get into his side of the van?!?

It took us quite a while and we stopped and took a break after tackling the middle section, but....I am proud to announce that we got the front 2/3 of the van done (which was my goal!)!

Roger's ready..
The Middle Seats..after...

We still have to take it someplace to sweep it out, but wow! This is a huge difference!


Jim said...

Holy cow! I remember your van last time I saw you. It was already getting bad back then. Getting the front 2/3 of your van done is amazing! You have really done a great job. But with all cleaning projects, keeping it like that is the biggest battle, but one you can win. Keep up the awesome work hun!

Jill said...

whoohoooo!!! You go Girl!!
That should put a smile on your face! keep up the good work!
and wow are the boys getting huge!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! WOW!! Cars can be such good dump places! You did a GREAT GREAT job!

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