Wednesday, November 15, 2023

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Announcement: Sales! Sales! Sales!

Can you believe that it's already November 15th? This year has flown by and for some of us, it's going to be good to see 2024. Before we get there though, we have the holidays! Personally, I love them. I already have my tree up and decorated. It's really early for us this year, but the oldest seemed to want to get it up and who was I to argue with some Christmas cheer?

Speaking of those holidays though...Have you started your shopping? I have and man, sticker shock was a real thing this year. Luckily, I've found some good sales. It seems the older my kids have gotten, the more I have to stretch that budget. With that in mind, I wanted to do something for all of you!

From now (November 15th) until the end of the month (November 30th), I have marked down my books from $10 down to $8. These are signed copies that come directly from me. My Amazon prices are set so if you prefer to order from them, know that those copies aren't signed. Signed copies can only be ordered directly from me. Shipping will be $5 for the first book and an additional $2 per book after that. I've included copies of three of the book covers below. I don't have a good image of Tales from the Toy Store. If you'd like more information on each book, head over HERE to read their descriptions. To place your order, message me on Facebook or send an email to -- Books will arrive in time for the holidays! 

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