Monday, October 18, 2021

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Only 12 days remaining...

I'm excited to say that the book has funded, but we have a long way to go. At this point, if even one person backs out, we'll lose that funded status. Not only do we need a bit of a buffer, but I so badly want to be able to send out goodies like bookmarks, stickers, and prints.
I love this book. Like Tales from the Toy Store, these stories are inspired by the same stories that I told my boys when they were young. The characters are real to me because these are toys that I live with every day and whose stories I've been telling for years. If you follow my Instagram (@lifewithkatie), you'll see that I've been posting toy pictures. These are all toys that live at my house and who have a chance of being in the next book.
Please, if you've been considering backing, head on over and do so. It would mean the world to me and it's the opportunity to get this book into the hands of a child whose imagination may spark the next big invention or to help them get through a rough time...words have power and I hope that my stories can inspire the next generation of kids to imagine and do great things.

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