Wednesday, May 5, 2021

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We're Live on Kickstarter!

Guys, we're live! We've actually been live for a few days now, but life has kept me away from the keyboard. Our goal is $1000 and that will go to pay for the art, covers, and my amazing blurb writer. It will also go for the rewards and shipping everything out to everyone. I'm so excited to be sharing Apo's Army with all of you. It's a great book of 20+ stories about cats and their secret lives that we're not aware of. 

If you'd like to pre-order your copy and choose from other cool rewards, including copies of Tales From the Toy Store, go on over to Kickstarter and check out the campaign! Remember no money will be taken from your account until May 31st so you have plenty of time to get the funds ready to go.

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