Thursday, January 30, 2020

# 300 Writing Prompts # Excess

Writing Prompt Thursday: Excess

Yay! It's Thursday! I've come to really look forward to the weekly writing prompts. Hopefully y'all have too! This week's prompt is:

What area of your life do you tend to enjoy in excess instead of in moderation?

Wow...tough one. My first reaction was Lego. It's a bit of a tiny obsession right now as I've become aware of my love of the tiny bricks again. When my boys decided they had outgrown them, I didn't have a good excuse to buy them anymore. There just wasn't the budget to spoil myself.

Now that they're off in college and living their own lives, there still isn't the budget, but I've found a few sets on clearance lately and I've fallen in love all over again. I find it relaxing to sit and build. I'm in awe of the people who have come up with the designs that I never could. I envy those with huge collections that are building their own cities or worlds.

I can't say though that I enjoy it in excess in the sense that I own a ton of them, but in the way that I enjoy them when I do have them. They're the happiest little hours of my week except when I'm with the kids or writing. Hopefully the budget opens up a bit soon so I can buy a few more sets...especially since my birthday isn't until September.

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