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Wordsmith Wednesday: Let's Get Digital

Life With Katie - Book Review - Let's Get Digital
I love the simplicity and colors of this cover!
Learn how to publish your work like a pro and start building your audience with the most comprehensive and up-to-date self-publishing guide on the market today. Packed with practical, actionable advice, Let's Get Digital delivers the very latest best practices on publishing your work and finding readers.

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· Increase your visibility by optimizing keywords and categories.
· Weigh the pros and cons of Kindle Unlimited, and find out exactly how to tweak your promotional plans depending on whether you stay exclusive to Amazon or opt for wider distribution.

And that's just for starters...

My apologies that it's been a couple of weeks since my last Wordsmith Wednesday post. Life in the last month of the school year is crazy! Now...let's talk about this book...

This author was one that I kept seeing being mentioned as someone to check out, so I did just that! When I went on my "oh my gosh how am I going to be an author" book buying spree, I picked up this title from Amazon. Let's see how it broke down...

The Good:

There is a ton of information packed into this book. I have pages and pages and pages of notes that I know that I'm going to be reading over on a regular basis. The book is a lengthy one but one that excited me. I really felt as if I were learning things and this kept me going back to it every opportunity that I had. Mr. Gaughran lays everything out in terms that anyone can follow along with. He's down to earth and realistic with the amount of work that needs to happen and I appreciate that.

The Bad:

Links. I know that this is an e-book, but I really don't like to be reading along and suddenly coming across a link within the text. If the information is important, it should be included within the text. My Kindle is old and doesn't like opening links and when it does cooperate, flipping between that link and back to the book is a bit of a pain. After all, my Kindle doesn't have alt-tab that I can use. I would have preferred a list of links in the back of the book and have it left at that. I should point out that there was a resource section so this was done in part.

I also found the third part (other authors who have made it) to feel outdated. The authors all had their success about eight years ago when the market wasn't nearly as swamped as it is now. I would love to see this section updated with authors who have found their way in the past couple of years.

The Summary:

If you're serious about becoming a self-published author, this is a book that you need to pick up and spend many hours pouring over its pages. Like I said, I'm going to be going back over my notes because there was just so much information packed in that I want to be sure to absorb as much of it as possible. I can guarantee that as I prepare my next book for publishing, I'll be using the checklists that I made and hey, I might even get brave enough to get that mailing list set up soon!

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