Friday, October 27, 2017

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Book Review: The Quest for Ameron

Battling evil does not develop character, it reveals it! That is easy to say when evil is not in front of you, darker than night and as numerous as roaches in a slaughterhouse.

The Quest of Ameron is the fourth installment in the Ameron Chronicles series. It is an epic saga that brings you to the distant past and far future in the blink of an eye -- a till filled with swords, sorcery, and advanced science that will make you question what you thought you knew.

Rejoin Thomas, Hank, Mariella, and Thierry as they reveal their character through quests that will change them--and Ameron--forever.

When I said that the action picked up in book 3, I wasn't joking. What I didn't realize is that it wouldn't slow down any in book 4. I want to say a billion wonderful things about this book, but the problem is that I read each of these books back to back to back, etc. They've all blended into one amazing tale.

I do recall one little thing that made me sigh and not in a good way though. At one place in the book the authors list a group of "evil men in history" and they listed a fairly recent president. My one and only thought was way too soon, history will tell what kind of person/president they were but when this book was written, it was far too soon to make that kind of judgment call. I truly believe in honesty in writing, even in fantasy, but putting your own political beliefs into a fantasy novel was a bit cringe worthy for me.

That being said, it was one sentence in a good sized narrative. It won't stop me from going back and re-reading this series by any means. If you haven't read started this series yet, what are you waiting for? Contact the authors via their Facebook page and insist that they sell you some books!

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