Friday, September 29, 2017

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Book Review: The Heir of Ameron

As the kingdom of Ameron draws nearer to crisis, Thomas, the privileged son of a powerful lord, and Hank, the son of a humble farmer, are each called to a quest. Thomas must follow the king's wizard to a mysterious chamber filled with artifacts and writings that he does not understand. Hank is recruited to help with agricultural efforts to save an entire region from famine. What Thomas and Hank do not realize is that their destinies are entwined in ways they could never anticipate. As each learns more about himself, his past, and his family, the purposes of their lives are no longer clear. Thrust into an ancient conflict involving wizards and immortals, Hank and Thomas slowly and separately learn their value and their place in the world. In The Heir of Ameron, Thomas fights to survive as his wizard guide's motives become more and more suspect. Hank faces manipulation, seduction, and betrayal as he strives to restore economic prosperity to Ameron's capital. As the forces of darkness descend on Ameron, will these two very different men realize their connection and what must be done to restore peace to the kingdom? The Heir of Ameron is a richly detailed fantasy adventure, taking readers into a world of magic, intrigue, politics, and history.

Wandering the aisles of Gen Con, Roger and I were called over to a table filled with books. I had just said that I wasn't stopping by book tables because my "to read" stack was already out of control. Knowing just how hard it can be to get people to stop though, I couldn't turn away from someone trying to get our attention.

I'm really glad I followed that instinct. The tale we were told about these folks' publisher is enough for me to be glad that I have Nick to do the publishing on our books. It was also enough to get me to purchase book 1 of this 5 book series.

I had only read a couple of chapters before I had decided that I needed to buy the other four books the following day. I didn't want to have to risk not being able to find them later if I decided that I wanted them. Let me tell you why...

The characters - Each one as unique as anyone not in a book and each one having something that draws you to them.

The plot - Continually moving but it never feels rushed and at the same time, it never felt as if it dragged.

This book kept me reading from page one to the last page. If I have any complaint it's that the book takes on a religious tone towards the end. I don't blame the authors for not pitching it as a Christian book, but the publisher doesn't list it as one which threw me off when it became a bit in your face. This didn't stop me from picking up book 2. If you like fantasy that is somehow a mixture of past and future, I suggest you contact the authors via their Facebook page. This book is well worth you taking a chance on it.

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