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Book Review: A Contest of Succession

Nine contestants. One crown. Destiny awaits.

Garrick Tremaine was happy with a simple life as a soldier. But a mysterious dream has drawn him to Twin Falls, where the duke has died with no heir. A competition to claim the throne is open to anyone, but to win it, an aspirant must answer an incomprehensible riddle. Convinced it is Garrick's destiny to rule Twin Falls, his new friend, the oddball magician, Liliana Gray, pushes him to enter the contest.

But Garrick isn't the only one seeking the crown. A sanctimonious sorcerer, a hard-headed general, and a conniving criminal all aim to succeed the duke, and a disgraced elder from a foreign city has secret knowledge that may thwart them all.

As the contenders close in on the mysterious Blessing of the Fey, a goblin invasion, a dark god, and an enigmatic puppet master pulling strings from afar all stand in the way, and Garrick's destiny may actually be to die -- an unwitting pawn in A Contest of Succession.

An epic fantasy that continues the saga begun in The Sword and the Sorcerer!

.....and we're back with book 2 of the Usurpers Saga! I don't know if it's possible, but I liked this book even better than the last one! 3 is still being written and it's killing me! Hurry up, John!

Right..deep breathes...

I honestly enjoyed this book more than I did the first book, if that's even possible. I saw someone say the one thing that they didn't like about this book was the fact that there were no male/male relationships in it. That startled me because honestly, it wasn't something that jumped out at me. It wasn't a main plot point in the first book. It was just one of those things. This couple happens to be made up of two guys. No biggie.

This book is made up of an entirely new set of characters except for Liliana (I love that name so much!) and Vicia. We truly get to see the person that Liliana is as she steps into one of the main roles and we get to dislike Vicia even more in her role. I loved so many parts of this book but it's hard to talk about them without giving away plot points. Let's see...the characters in this book are just as well developed as the ones in book one. You really feel as if you know them and as if you're watching everything happening.

If I had one complaint it's that the Liliana (I'm assuming it's her) on the cover is not the way she's written in the book..or at least not in my mind's eye. Still, that is seriously picking at lint to find something. The storytelling kept me reading, even when perhaps I shouldn't be. I cannot suggest this series of books any higher. Honestly, I'm hoping that I get to read everything that this author has ever put into print.


I received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are my own. 
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