Friday, March 4, 2016

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Book Review: Doctor Diablo

He is a charming, arrogant genius with wealth, good looks, and a playboy-bachelor lifestyle that any guy would envy. He's also possibly the world's greatest super villain.

Jonathan Blanc was a nameless, homeless foundling who conquered adversity and his humble beginnings to make something of himself. Unfortunately, what he made was San Francisco's greatest criminal mastermind, the infamous Doctor Diablo.

Life was brilliant and perfect (as he demanded) until Doctor Diablo ran afoul of the Bay Area's most vicious, monstrous ganglord, the Crusher.

Now Diablo must find a way to overcome a lethal, unstoppable madman, bent on putting him to a painful, lingering death. Along the way he just might learn the value of love, friendship, and redemption--if he survives.


It's been ages since I picked up a book and had a tough time putting it down. This book changed that. It was a random grab from my review stack that once I opened the front cover, I only paused to go to the bathroom and to grab a sandwich. Seriously. The writing style is easy and with the descriptors, you just keep reading because you want to know what he's going to do next...

If I had any complaints it would be that the printing is a bit funky. By funky I just mean that the margins are wonky. So wonky margins and I did notice a couple of grammatical type things but seriously, neither of those things stopped me from reading this entire book in one sitting.

I do have one question for the author...Does he get back with the girl? To find out what I mean, I'm afraid you'll have to pick up a copy of this book for yourself.


I received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are my own.

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