Friday, February 20, 2015

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Book Review: The Babylon Contingency

A riveting international adventure-mystery

Investigating a burglary at an English country house, Detective Chief Inspector Robbie Peele comes face to face with one of the most mysterious objects in world archaeology, the Phaestos Disk--and with the Middle Eastern terrorist cell determined to steal it.

The vital clue is a long abandoned Muslim village in Crete, where a Victorian gentleman explorer witnessed horrors that were meant to be secret and recorded what he saw in coded diaries. Seeking the truth about the Phaestos Disk, Peele and his assistant, Sarah Shipton, are on the cusp of solving the mystery when they are caught in an ancient Egyptian burial chamber during an earthquake.

In the end Peele has to ask far harder questions than simply who committed the original burglary. The origins of the Phaestos Disk are inextricably bound up with the Middle East peace process in ways that frustrate and astound him.

Certain to draw readers into a world of ancient secrets and international intrigue, The Babylon Contingency is the first in a riveting new series from experienced journalist and broadcaster Clifford Longley.


Another book that had amazing potential but just fell a little bit short. This book is filled with abbreviations that unless you're familiar with the British police system, you're just not quite going to get it right away. The book is also told from the first person point of view, which is fine but it did seem to limit the amount of character development that happened within the book. Sadly, the pacing was off as well. Just when you thought it was going to crank right along, it slowed down and then right at the end, everything sped up to wrap it all up in a hurry. My recommendation is that the author, who is by trade a journalist, work with someone who has more experience with writing fiction.


I received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts, comments, and opinions are my own.
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