Thursday, September 26, 2013

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Book Review: Tattler's Branch

"Lilly Corbett Still has grown to love her life as the small-town doctor of Skip Rock, a tiny coal community in the Kentucky mountains. Though her husband, Tern, is away for a few months at a mining job, Lilly has her hands full with her patients and her younger sister visiting for the summer.

Lilly turns to her good friend and neighbor, Armina, to help keep things in order--until a mysterious chain of events leaves Armina bedridden and an abandoned baby on her doorstep. Lilly works to uncover the truth, unaware of what a mess she's found herself in until a break-in at her clinic puts her on high alert. As she struggles between what is right and what is safe, Lilly must discover the strength of her resilient country neighbors, her God, and herself."

While this book had a slow start, it wasn't long before it pulled me in.  This is actually the 7th book in a series by Jan Watson, but luckily for me, it works just as well as a stand alone as one in a long series. The author does a beautiful job of introducing the characters and giving you a chance to really get to know them so that you understand their actions and reactions throughout the book. It's clear that she's done her research as the book truly takes you back in time to a period where baby's with Down Syndrome or women with equal rights were little more than a foreign concept. Certainly a book worth finding and reading.


I received this book as part of the Tyndale Blog Network program. All thoughts, opinions and comments are my own.

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