Monday, February 11, 2013

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The Front Seat

It's officially winter here in Michigan and with winter comes such morning joys as frozen doors on the car. Last weekend, this happened to me. It didn't bother me too much because I only had Roger here and he's had a habit for a while of climbing over my seat to get into his in the middle of the van. So, not worrying about it, we loaded off and went into town to go to the store.

While at the store, it suddenly occurred to me that we were buying things that needed to go into the back of the van. What if that door were frozen shut? Well, I could probably get the middle door open if I fought with it enough. Wait, where would Roger sit then? I guess I could make an exception and let him ride up front this one time. After all, he's not old enough to sit in the front seat. I'd always told the boys that they had to be at least 12 or 13 for that...Wait...oh merciful heavens, my youngest child, my baby was now old enough to sit in the front seat.

Yes, that entire thought processed raced through my mind and I had a minor panic attack that my babies were growing up. Luckily, the back door opened and I never had to deal with the reality of him actually sitting next to me and not behind me in the van. Whew! One realization at a time, thank you very much!

So, I have to ask..How old were your kids when you first let them sit in the front seat? Did it make your parent heart twinge a little to see them growing up?


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