Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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What Facebook Taught Me About The Debate

Since I was down and out tonight with a massive headache, I just didn't feel up to watching the debates. Instead, I used social media to learn everything I needed to know. Since I know there are those who couldn't watch or weren't up to watching, I thought I would share the list that I made to help all of you make an educated choice before you vote. Ready? Here goes:

* This is not a debate
* Someone was lying at 5 minutes and 17 minutes ...and 20 minutes...
* The candidates look like shit
* People like drinking games
* Middle class taxes were lowered but some are paying higher than ever
* Donald Trump is a small business
* Romney has a smarmy grin
* People would like to see the candidates box
* Obama thinks he is the second coming of Clinton
* PBS has good fellas
* 25 minutes in and some people are in alcohol induced comas due to the drinking game

The debates in a nutshell.
10 first guy: "You said you were gonna do such and such."
20 second guy: "nuh uh"
30 first guy: "yuh huh"
40 goto 20
It's like watching toddlers debate!

*The correct term to yell out is Democracy, not Bingo.
* There should be a disgusting food challenge to this debate.
* The candidates are trying hard not to roll their eyes.
* Social security and women's health care are somehow the same thing.
* Living wills will fix the economy.
* Politicians cannot tell time.
* Punches come in percentages.
* Politicians use ambiguous statements.
* Romney has a staring problem.
* There's a smug jackass on tv.
* The candidates sound like the teacher from Charlie Brown.
* Obama is acting like McCain - old, tired & confused.
* Romney likes to nuke people. (10th Amendment)
* Obama will give me land to build a college.
* Politicians like to use big words and talk so the normal people can't understand.
* Awesome is a grade for schools...
* Presidents don't get facts, just houses and airplanes.
* Closing remarks are tedious.
* Romney wants to kill Big Bird.
* The debate was very freewheeling - big wheels would have been more fun to watch.
* Romney thumped Obama. 

Hopefully this helps all of you when you're trying to decide who ought to be the head of our country!


* My thanks to friends on both Facebook and Yahoo who shared these gems with me as they watched the actual debate.
* I may or may not have twisted a few of these when I wrote things down.
* Please do not take this list as a serious list of reasons you should vote for anyone. Do your research and homework so that you make an intelligent and educated decision.
* This site does not lay claim to either candidate. We still live in the People's Republic of Katrina.

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