Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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Camping Part 1 : The Night Before

Hi all! We're back from camping! Ok, we've been back for a week but I've been scrambling to get back into the school routine. I forget just how crazy it is for the first week or so.

Now, since some of you asked to hear about our camping adventures, I decided to do a series of posts about what happened on our very first family vacation/camping trip.

Technically, it all started on Wednesday night. I took Roger into town for his school open house. It went well. He got the teacher he wanted (and the one we figured he would get since the boys never have the same teachers). Afterwards, we headed on home for some family movie time and to do a bit more cleaning. Here's where the fun began. Now, before I tell you what happened, you should know two things:

1. I never lock my van in the driveway.
2. I obsessively check to make sure I have my car keys before I get out because I locked them in once.

You know where this is going, right? Yep. I locked my keys into the van. I was supposed to leave in about 2.5 hours to get Justin from the airport and I locked my keys in the van. I don't have a spare key. I live in a village nowhere near a good sized town. I had no idea how much a locksmith would cost if I could get one to come out at 8pm. I don't say this often, but thank goodness for Peter.  In a panic, I called him to see if he still had his copy of the van key.  After some digging around, he found it and agreed to drive the 22 miles out to my place to unlock the van for me. Whew!

This meant I ended up not getting any more housework done, but the boys and I did manage to snuggle up and watch a couple of episodes of Food Network Challenge. Then, it was off to Detroit with a stop at Meijer. Notice I didn't say a short trip. It should have been. Of course, it wasn't. I think it took us nearly 90 minutes to get the things we needed and to get out. I don't recall what the big hold up was but I do remember there was one at checkout for some reason.

We did manage to get to Detroit at just about the same time Justin's plane was landing. Thank goodness for clear roadways late at night. Roger fell asleep but Ben stayed up until about 30 minutes before the airport. Oh, I almost forgot to mention. We were joking around about how bossy my gps is and how she always tells us to turn right at times where I'd crash through barriers, into buildings or other silliness. I got Ben laughing so hard that he threw up. So yay for me being so dang funny but boo for the mess I had to clean up later.

As always, it was fantastic to see Justin. I do have to disappoint some readers and let you know that we did not have homework right then and there at the airport. After all, we did have two little boys with us and even if we didn't, security was buzzing around far too much. There was lots of excitement and love and joyous celebration to have our family back together again. Then, it was off to drive home. Surprise surprise though, about 45 minutes from home both boys woke up again and were hungry! Never one to let the fact that it's 3am spoil a bit of family adventure, we pulled into Denny's and had a very early breakfast/late dinner.

Once we got home, we managed to get Ben upstairs to his bed, but Roger walked in the front door, walked 2 feet to the couch and faceplanted into it. When I asked him if he were coming upstairs he said no, he'd sleep right there and was unconscious in seconds. My poor kiddo!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post...where I tell you all about the drive to me, it was way more adventure than any of us had counted on!


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Jim said...

OK, locking keys in car, bad. Being funny, good. Cleaning up puke, bad. Going camping, good, good! I think the good outweighs the bad!

Justin said...

Except for getting rained on and getting creeping crud, it was awesome! Even the getting rained on wasn't too bad. :) It was funny seeing faceplanted Roger too. He's a handsome boy, even when unconscious.

Carter Family said...

Hehe nothing like starting the adventure with a few extra adventures :) I so wanna go camping sometime :)

Anonymous said...

You've made me laugh so hard I've peed a little, but I don't think I've EVER laughed so hard I puked... :)

Toni said...

Will you please come make me laugh until I puke??? lol

MMM 3am Dennys! Fun family time for sure!!! About to read part 2...

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