Tuesday, August 16, 2011

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August Craft Suggestion

School is nearly upon us and I wanted to share a fun idea that I had stashed away in my "This is an awesome idea I had and someday I'll find the time to use it" stash. This particular idea is for a College Survival Can but you could easily adjust it to different grade levels.

Find yourself a clean, empty paint can (you can buy these at home improvement stores), decorate it up and fill it with:

A teabag - in case you ever get into hot water, make tea and share it
A pack of tissues - to remind you to dry each other's tears
A toothpick - to pick out the good in yourself and others
A package of salt - to remember to take some things with a grain of salt
A lifesaver - to remind you that Friends are lifesavers
A penny - so you are never broke
A package of sweetarts - to take the bitter with the sweet in life
A rubber band - to remind you to stay flexible
A kiss - to remind you to kiss away boo-boos and that you are loved
A star - to remind you to shine and always try your best
A pencil and eraser  - to remind you that we are all sharp, but we all make mistakes too
A paper clip - to hold your life together
A snickers - to remind us to laugh more and enjoy life
A graduation cap - to remind you to always seek knowledge
A duck - to remind you to let some things roll off your back
A mint - to remind you that we're all worth a mint as long as we work together
A hug - of which we can never give or receive too many

Hmm...now that I read over this list, this would make an awesome wedding gift for some friends of mine. I wonder if I could do one by Friday.....


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JoeyfromSC said...

awww, too cute!! LOVE it! and yes, I have faith that you can by Friday lol

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