Friday, December 10, 2010

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Flowers, Oh How I Love Flowers

I love flowers and well, that's not really a secret is it? I post pictures of flowers here quite often. I'm a girly girl in so many ways and one of those ways is that I love love love love love (do you think I love it?) getting flowers. Heck, I even love going to the grocery store and picking up a couple of bundles and bringing them home and arranging them. Don't ask me how many vases I have because I don't even know! The entire area under my kitchen sink is full.

Now, I know that money is tight and that sadly, if you're like me, the flower budget is one of the first things that has to go. Which is why I was so excited when I was contacted by Valentine's Day Flowers. If you didn't know, they're a sister company of After seeing some of the lovely flowers posted here on the blog, they've asked me to pass along some discounts to my readers and how can I say no to that? I can't! So, if you're in the market for some lovely flowers, whether it's for yourself or for someone else, make sure that you click this link to save yourself some pennies!


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