Saturday, July 10, 2010

# bugs # save the planet saturday

Save the Planet Saturday

One of the most annoying things about summer, other than the heat and humidity, is the bugs. I really am not a fan of the millions of flies that seem to invade my house or the millions of mosquitos that seem naturally drawn to my oldest son. I've seriously been outside and watched them swarm him while they ignore my younger son who is standing right next to him.

So, what can we do? Well, this summer we're going to try one of those home remedies that I've read about. We're actually going to carry dryer sheets in our pockets. I've read quite a bit that this seems to be some sort of natural repellent. If that doesn't work (and I admit I have my doubts), I'll be going the chemical route. We'll be looking for a more natural, eco-friendly bug spray and if nothing else, it will be DEET free. Also, we'll go with something that has a pump versus aerosaul.

Our theory is every little bit helps and in this case, hopefully it will help save us from some serious scratching and itching!


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