Wednesday, May 27, 2009

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Holy Cow Folks!

I apologize for vanishing off the face of the earth again. Life here is just plain insane. I'm moving back to Michigan in 4 short days and I'm not even close to being ready. Thank god for those people who have volunteered to come out to help me load the truck and the fact that Justin is coming in on Saturday to help me finish packing. My back has been bothering me and that is not good when trying to pack!

Other than that, let's see..I graduated! Woohoo! I now have an expensive piece of paper that says I'm smart. Heh! I'm doing some online work for It doesn't pay much so I'm going to be looking for something else I can do from home. I have my boys all summer so there's just no way to work out of the house. Any suggestions would be fabulous! I can almost guarantee that I'm going to take some more paid postings for this blog, but I promise they won't be lame ones! Only the best for my! I did monetize this blog with google adsense, so you'll be seeing those in the lower right on the side column.

That's been most of my life for the past few weeks. The only other major thing is that my wedding is permanently postponed. Things in that area are a little bit rocky. We love each other but actually getting us in the same place just isn't going so well. I have faith that we'll figure it out, but right now, I'm putting all major plans on hold.

Ok, I need to finish my lunch! I have a kgb_ shift coming up in about 30 minutes. Gots to make some more pennies for the coffer, ya know! I will be back, I promise. It just might not be for a couple of weeks while I get settled into the new place. I love you guys..really and truly, I do!



Jim said...

WEDDING? Interesting the things that pop up that one is not aware of.

Kimberly said...

congrats on your graduation!!!

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