Monday, September 15, 2008

Misc Monday Posting

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I walk past this I-Beam to head to my first class. Today, I just happened to turn around and notice that this figure was painted inside of it. I just couldn't resist taking a picture.

Baird Hall Beam

Happy Monday, all!


@wesome@bby said...

Well, how neat is that?!?! i LOVE it!

4? It's a high possibility. But if they aren't short, I'd have to have them much $ are we talking? And WHAT is Amvets? Sounds totally like a place I need to come to TX to peruse with my friend Katie!

I WILL get back to the group, if work ever treats me right again!


@wesome@bby said...

LOL....its_ab hasn't been checked in like a month. Work is killin me. gets checked every day and then I'm at work from 7-4 central time, and that is's probably the best since I sit in front of the computer all day and get to email back in bits and snatches that way. And...then there is tx messaging. LMK if you want my cell for that. I'm a tx ho! :) NY?!?! Why did I think TX? I'll BE in NY on the 19th!!! We are going to see Times Square. Are you near?!?! OK, email me before this becomes a book! :)

Rick Campbell said...


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