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Tales From the Toy Store
Katrina Roets, author
Eric J Cockrell, illustrator

They looked like toys…
…but their adventures were real.

Can you uncover their secrets?
In this world of monkeys on the move, dragons breathing fire, and gnomes exploring the wilderness, there are plenty of fun stories to keep you and your child entertained. Will you be able to stop with just reading one at bedtime?
It might hard. But the memories you make will be priceless. You and your child will adore these twenty stories, because the toys have lives of their own and they are really adorable.

Available now in ebook ($4.99) and paperback ($8.99) formats.  

Apo's Army

Katrina Roets, Author
Eric J Cockrell, Cover Designer
Maxx Strain, Illustrator

Mischief and merriment. Milk and mousing. In the magical land of Florida, every cat is king.

Priscilla started boxing when he was just two years old. Can he spring like a kitten and sting like a bee all the way to the world championship?

Kitty Bowie was broke and living on the street until he met a hep cat who owned a club. Will this natural performer’s talent have him caterwauling to the top of the charts?

Rocky has a gym fit for a feline. But what happens when the rest of the neighborhood toms want to use it?

With wit and charm in every word, you’ll delight in these twenty plus cute short stories of clever kitties and their fabulous adventures. Learn about Zeus, the mapmaking malkin. Hunt for Marshmallow, the undisputed champ of Hide-and-Seek. Downloadable coloring pages enhance the fun, and every tale is inspired by a real cat living on the streets of Florida.

Apo’s Army is a whimsical short story collection for children ages 9-12. If you or your child like animal antics, outrageous action, and tales of tabbies, calicos, and tuxedoes, then you’ll love Katrina Roets’ purr-fect compendium.

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Available in ebook ($4.99) and paperback ($9.99) formats.

Return to the Toy Store

Katrina Roets, Author
Eric J Cockrell, Cover Designer
Maxx Strain, Illustrator

Tigers and cheetahs and teddy bears! Oh, my, but the after-hours at the toy store are filled with joy!

Charlie loves looking out for his friends. But when he gets a new jungle gym for everyone to play on, the sweet teddy bear can’t figure out how to put it together! Can anyone help him before he gives up?

Jack really, really wants to go to Katie’s party. But unlike the other sock monkeys, he’s got spots on his nose. Will everyone tease him at the store’s biggest birthday bash?

The Cheetah Triplets are always on the go. But when their game of tag gets out of hand, can everyone else hope to survive the carnage?

With tender-hearted prose and laugh-out-loud hijinks, Katrina Roets returns to everyone’s favorite shop, revealing once again how our pre-purchased playthings play. From Petey the Fire Chicken trying to horn in on the sheep’s party-planning operation to the Snow Owl’s annual return to teach the gang about holidays other than Christmas, you’ll delight in these twenty tales of what goes on when the shoppers go home.

Return to the Toy Store is the charming sequel to Tales from the Toy Store. If you like cuddly critters, clever characters, and frolicking fun, then you’ll love Katrina Roets’ captivating collection of sentimental short stories.

Available in ebook ($4.99) and paperback ($10.99) formats.

Cobalt's Castaways

Katrina Roets, Author
James Sims, Cover Designer
Maxx Strain, Illustrator

Are your kiddies into kittens? Discover twenty fabulous fables they’ll think are the cat’s meow.

 Meet Mac the Kitchen Kitty. Can he whip up some tasty Rice Krispie treats without getting covered in fluff?

 Rocky loves his new ebike. After he starts up a racing league, will this daredevil tabby ride the road to victory?

 Pootis just got elected mayor. When he sets his sights on the White House, can he convince every cat in the country to vote him to the Oval Office?

 Author Katrina Roets returns with another charming collection of twenty short stories surrounding her favorite felines. Will Sadie become a pirate after her bestie is adopted? What exciting things will Jasper find at his first Free Comic Book Day? With deft prose and whimsical humor, Roets weaves charming exploits all based on real cats, including two of her own.

 Cobalt’s Castaways is the delightful sequel to Apo’s Army and is perfect for readers ages 9-12 or for bedtime stories. If you or your child like calico chaos, tortie tribulations, and grimalkin mischief, then you’ll love these endearing tails.

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Available in ebook ($4.99) and paperback ($9.99) formats.

Holidays at the Toy Store

Katrina Roets, Author
Eric Cockrell, Cover Designer
Maxx Strain, Illustrator

As the calendar turns through another fun year, will these happy toys discover every day’s a holiday?

 Sam is excited for PB&J Day. But when it’s time to make those delicious sandwiches, he discovers he’s out of his favorite raspberry jam. Is the party ruined?

It’s National Superhero Day at the Toy Store! But the sign on the door reads, “Not all heroes wear capes.” Can the gang figure out who these mysterious champions are?

In this cheerful anthology of quick reads, Katrina Roets makes a third trip to the most delightful destination – a store packed with sweet and friendly playthings looking for adventure! And while Christmas and birthdays are always big events, these cuddly besties-to-be are learning all about those lesser-known celebrations like Library Lovers Day, Pay It Forward Day, and Letter Writing Week.

Is Pi Day about dessert or math? Can Katie defend her Mario Kart championship against new toy Sylver on Mar10 Day?

 Holidays at the Toy Store is a charming collection of 30 short stories for children of all ages. If you like lovable little ones, after-hours hijinks, and making every day special, then you’ll adore Katrina Roets sentimental trip to everyone’s favorite shop.

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 Available in ebook ($4.99) and paperback ($10.99) formats.

KSP Coloring Book #1

Cover Design - Eric Cockrell
Illustrator - Maxx Strain

50 plus images for you to color to your heart's delight!

Available in paperback format ($9.99).

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